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MTA is the proud recipient of a new Linda Harriet Lane Fund grant overseen by the Community Foundation of Central Georgia. MTA is jointly funding the mural extension to the popular Spirit of Macon I mural created by Georgia College & State University Professor, Abraham Abebe. The new mural will complete the dreary, neglected corner of Fifth and Poplar Street, enlivening it with Professor Abebe’s bold, imaginative art. Watch Abraham paint his latest mural, The Spirit of Macon II, across the Poplar Street Tunnel during daylight hours, but peek at his progress 24/7 on the 41NBC webcam.  

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Macon-Bibb County Transit Authority Mural
Corner of Fifth & Poplar Streets at MTA Transfer Station — Downtown Macon

Image Gallery: Spirit of Macon II

Abraham tells us about his use of color in the mural.


Abraham tells us about his experience with the public’s reaction as he completes the Spirit of Macon II mural. 


Brian Nichols, the man behind Macon’s Christmas Light Extravaganza on Poplar Street, stopped by to see Abraham’s progress on the Spirit of Macon II Mural. See what he had to say! 



Day 1 Recap, Wednesday, July 6

Muralist/Professor Abraham Abebe begins his work, starting to prime the entire surface of the overpass/tunnel prior to sketching and painting his design. Once again, like last winter, weather continues to be a factor. Thunderstorms hit the area Wednesday afternoon causing concern over the gigantic boom lift on which Abraham perches to reach all heights and areas of the tunnel, including over the roadway (Poplar Street).


Day 2 Recap, Thursday, July 7

Our muralist, Abraham, got a 7:30 a.m. start to try and beat the heat and the rain. It was touch and go with weather all afternoon, including a short-lived downpour around 1:00 p.m. But the sun shone around 2:00 p.m. and Abraham stayed until 8:00 p.m. to finish priming the entire surface and drawing his signature geometrics.

Day 3 Recap, Friday, July 8

It was a wash, literally! An afternoon downpour halted progress on The Spirit of Macon II mural today & in minutes, washed away muralist Abraham’s work, the initial phase of the colorful geometrics that everyone loves and finds so appealing. The forecast for the next 10 days calls for rain daily, but we’re hoping that Abraham has stretches of time without precipitation. He reports that the paint needs 2 hours to dry. Fingers crossed, Macon.


Day 4 Recap, Saturday, July 9

Another day, another washout. The day began auspiciously. Our artist, Abraham Abebe, arrived early and set to work on the slope, primarily the top, but also on the side facing his other mural, Spirit of Macon I.

Providing him with hourly weather/rain updates, we learned there was a 30% chance of rain at 2:00, so we felt good about him painting until noon, which would provide two hours of drying time. Then, imagine our surprise when the skies darkened before noon and a downpour ensued, washing out much of his work today.

Abraham had also purchased a giant roll of heavy-duty plastic to cover the mural, but the wind was too much for the plastic. As Abraham explained, it’s not just a matter or covering the paint that washes away. It’s important to cover it properly and adequately so months or years later, that paint won’t bleed through. Tomorrow, Sunday, looks worse. We need better weather karma. Current forecast, rain all week.


Day 5 Recap, Sunday, July 10

After the threat of rain all day on Sunday coupled with downpours earlier than predicted on Friday and Saturday, Abraham took the day off. Imagine our surprise that the rain predictions came later and later all-day Sunday — and it never rained at all until Sunday evening. Abraham is hopeful that he can resume work on Monday, predicted to be cloudy all day, but not rainy. Lesson learned. It’s touch and go with the weather during this rainy July. Decisions to paint will need to be made on the fly.


Day 6 Recap, Monday, July 11

Kooky weather continues to plague our mural extension project. It’s been impossible to predict when it will rain and for how long. But Abraham averted the rain today and made A LOT of progress, repainted the rain-drenched portion of the slope, finished the remainder of the slope in an array of glorious colors, and at the end of the day, began to sketch the design.


Day 7 Recap, Tuesday, July 12

Another day of touch-and-go weather. Today, Abraham drew lazy grids, also known as doodle grids, in preparation for the creation of two musicians who will grace both sides of the Poplar Street Tunnel. Lazy grids often are mistaken for graffiti,  but help an artist bring a drawing from paper to a canvas, in this case, to a tunnel. Can’t wait to see these fully formed musicians.


Day 9 Recap, Thursday, July 14

Today was a day of detail, perfecting the trumpet player and working on the violinist across the tunnel. A couple of threats of rain, as has been the daily pattern since Abraham’s start date, Wednesday, July 6, but mosquitos and humidity aside, it was another very productive day on Poplar and Fifth.


Day 10 Recap, Friday, July 15

Not rain, nor heat, nor humidity, nor mosquitos or other assorted bugs keep our muralist, Georgia College professor Abraham Abebe, from completing his glorious Spirit of Macon mural extension. 

Abraham is electrifying the entire corner of Fifth and Poplar. Thank you, Linda Harriet Lane Fund and MTA, for funding this imaginative, inspiring art. 

Notice the facial expression of the trumpet player, pursing his lips and the beginnings of the violinist on the other side. After a slow start due to the unending rain, Abraham’s pace has quickened considerably. It must be the 12 hour days he’s devoting to this project, truly a labor of love. Abraham is a singular talent.

Spirit of Macon I Mural Video


Image Gallery: Spirit of Macon I 

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