Is North Korea Set to Become Russia’s Ally Following Shoigu’s Visit?
It is in both countries’ interests to cooperate, since each can provide the other with something in short supply: Russia needs artillery shells for its war, while North Korea needs humanitarian aid.
Second Russia-Africa Summit Lays Bare Russia’s Waning Influence
Trade volumes between Russia and African nations have fallen since the last event in 2019, while the war in Ukraine and Wagner’s activities on the continent have strained political ties.
Russia, Ukraine, and Poland: The End of a Tragic Triangle
When the war ends, Russia will face at its borders two militarily committed, capable neighbors facing a common enemy. Poland and Ukraine are bound together more strongly than at any other time in history.
Beneath the Surface, Prigozhin’s Mutiny has Changed Everything in Russia
The person who suffered most of all from Prigozhin’s uprising was Putin. However confident the Russian president may feel in the aftermath, he messed up. He created a monster that escaped from his control and spooked the elites.
Suspensions, Detentions, and Mutinies: the Growing Gulf in Russia’s Civil-Military Relations
The war in Ukraine is challenging the military’s established role in Russian domestic affairs, politicizing the armed forces, and reducing their privileged autonomy in waging war and developing the defense sector.
Vital Microchip Sanctions Will Hit Russian Computing Power Hard
One of the main problems for Russia is that foreign-made equipment was used to produce microchips. This is a vulnerability that Western sanctions have targeted.
Playing With Fire: Georgia’s Cautious Rapprochement With Russia
As the war in Ukraine grinds on, the notoriously troubled relationship between Georgia and Russia has, to the surprise of many, entered a new period of increased stability.
The Vilnius Summit: A Turning Point for NATO and Ukraine
Podcast host Alex Gabuev is joined by Sophia Besch, a fellow at the Carnegie Europe Program, and Eric Ciaramella, a senior fellow at the Carnegie Russia and Eurasia Program, to discuss the outcomes of the NATO summit in Vilnius.
What We Learned From Recent Calls for a Russian Nuclear Attack
The recent public discussion in Russia on using nuclear weapons against the West was really a discussion about how Moscow can extricate itself from the difficult situation in which it finds itself—and what price it is willing to pay for a victory.
Is This the End of the Road for the Ukraine Grain Deal?
Moscow has failed to turn the grain deal to its advantage, but Türkiye has plenty of leverage to convince Russia to return to its implementation.
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